Standing Stones

There is a standing stone (Gallan) in a field off the Clash Road, Ballincollig. Standing stones are the most simple of Megalithic Monuments. Being simple in form does not make them easy to understand. They served different purposes over time. Some marked burials and some may have been ritual in nature.


Standing stone located in a field off  the Clash Road, Ballincollig


Other views of the standing stone situated off the Clash Road.

Photos by Margaret Jordan


Another standing stone (north of Ballincollig, on the Inniscarra side of the River Lee). This standing stone is much taller as you can see. Photo by Rod MacConaill

Standing Stone from Roovesmore, Co. Cork

Standing Stone from Roovesmore, Co. Cork

The standing stone above (old red sandstone) is in the British Museum, London. It originated in Roovesmore, Co. Cork.