Military Images from the Past

Many of the following images were kindly provided by Tony Burgess, British Military researcher. I am very grateful to him for sharing these wonderful photos which were taken in Ballincollig. J. H. Gribble is identified as the photographic company responsible for at least some of the photos. You can enlarge the photos by clicking on them.

If anyone has further information or names of any of the soldiers shown, please get in touch.

11th Hussars, Ballincollig 1885

You can see the Guard Room (see image below) in the background in the photo above.



Guard Room


17th Lancers on Parade at Ballincollig Barracks

You can see the Handball Alley in the background (left hand site) in the above image. Also visible is the church behind the building to the right of the Handball Alley.

X.I. (P A O) Hussars, Section of Light Camel Corps, Ballincollig 27th July 1885

E Troop, XI (P A O) Hussars, Ballincollig, 28th September 1885

Soldier 11th Hussars, Ballincollig

J. H. Gribble, Photographers, Ballincollig (late 1800s)

12th Lancers Funeral, Ballincollig, c. 1895/97