Cork Military Cemetery, Military Barracks, Cork City

Survey of the Military Cemetery, Assumption Hill, Blackpool, Cork City 2007-2009

By Sean Healy

 The Cork Military Cemetery was opened in 1849 to cater for the needs of the growing numbers of soldiers and their family’s who were stationed at the then Victoria Barracks now Collins Barracks.

The area of the cemetery grounds was just over 3 acres and was formed on land leased from Anne, the Dowager Countess of Listowel., It is estimated that there were around 900 burials in the cemetery from the time it was opened to the final recorded burial of Miss Fowles in the
early 60s,
unfortunately there where no surviving records found to document the burials

Around 2006 a City Council plan was put forward to refurbish the Cemetery grounds as an amenity park for the local residents. It was also envisaged that by opening the ground up as a park it would curb the vandalism that had been occurring in the cemetery grounds for many years while also giving a useable green space for the local people.  The plan would see a system of footpaths and seats as well as a children’s play area being put in place. During the planning for the cemetery a senior archaeologist from the City Council was consulted to insure that no ground work would interfere or damage the archaeology of the cemetery.

Over a period of five months in 2007 I carried out a survey of the cemetery in an effort to document the remaining information from the headstones before they too were eroded by the weather, the following are the findings of that survey.

There are 251 identified burials in this cemetery, 30 other headstones are illegible.

Men: 184.   Woman; 44.  Children 23

There are 83 burials in the cemetery in connection with WW 1, their headstones were
damaged over time and the War Graves Commission built a memorial to these 81
men and 2 women in Grangegorman Cemetery in Dublin.

 The remaining burials are of soldiers and their family members who would have had a connection with or had been living in the barracks during the years 1849 to 1922.

While you would associate a military cemetery with death from conflict, the inscriptions on
some the headstones also give an insight into social conditions at that time. Influenza and
diphtheria were responsible for many of the deaths and as far as can be ascertained was responsible for the deaths of all the children in the cemetery.

 The earliest recorded burial that can be confirmed is of David C Kelfji who died in1852 with the last major burials being the 81 men and 2 women from WW1.

With the handover of the barracks to Irish Soldiers in 1922, the need for further burials in the cemetery would have decreased as most of the soldiers would have been from the area or would have family ties with other parts of the country.

The confirmed exceptions to this are the graves of Staff Quarter Master Sergeant Edward
Joseph Peede, Army Pay Corps, died
14th April 1931 aged 70 years. He died at his residence in Douglas and he was buried with his wife Margaret who had died in 1907 aged 39 years. Also the grave of Sgt William J Murphy, RMF who died on the 12th August 1949 and his wife Bridget died 13th February 1953. The last known burial is that of Miss Fowles whose father and mother had been buried prior to 1922, she was buried with her parents sometime after 1960 as it appeared she had no living relative.

 The Regiments associated with the Cemetery

Royal Artillery, Royal Irish Fusiliers, Royal Army Service Corps, Royal Irish Rifles, Royal Irish Regiment, Royal Garrison Artillery, Royal Engineers.   Royal Dublin Fusiliers, Royal Munster Fusiliers, Royal Scots Fusiliers, Royal Warwickshire Regiment,  Royal Field Artillery,   Royal South Lincoln Militia, Royal Welch Fusiliers,Lincolnshire Regiment,  Gordon Highlanders, Leicestershire Regiment, Norfolk Regiment, Middlesex Regiment, Hampshire Regiment, Connaught Rangers, Canadian Infantry, Manchester Regiment, Leinster Regiment, Highland Light Infantry, King Edwards Horse, Somerset Light Infantry, Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, Cameron Highlanders, West Yorkshire Regiment, QMACC, Kings Royal Rifles, Kings Shropshire Light Infantry, Kings Liverpool Regiment, Highland Light Infantry, King Edwards Horse,  Kings Royal Regiment, Lincolnshire Regiment, Oxford and Bucks Light infantry, Life Guards, Black Watch.

The inscriptions that follow are taken from the headstones and are as accurate as possible, in some cases only partial inscriptions survived. The highlighted names with CWGC are the men and woman who died during 1914 to 1921 and while buried in this cemetery, they are commemorated in Grangegorman Cemetery in Dublin.


Charles Henry Allison, Lance corporal, 1911.
Henry Anthony, Chef Warder in charge military prison,Cork, Died May 1893 aged 63 years.
Annette, Wife of Alexander.
Jean Allen. 1918.
Sharon Elizabeth Oswald Agar. 1860.
Sidney Alder, CWGC List , 1914.
Edward N. Aldridge, CWGC List, 1917.
Joseph Andrews, CWGC List, 1917.
Capt James O Airy, CWGC List,1920.
Pte Richard Alexander, CWGC List, 1914.


Robert Alexander Burnard, Died March 1884 aged 9 years, Son of (below).
William Burnard, Died August 1897 age 63 years and husband of (below)
Sarah Jane Burnard, December 1924 age 86 years.
Brigadier General Norman Bruce.
Sergeant Major William H. Blakely, CWGC List, 1917.
May Bennett, Beloved wife of Staff Sergt. Bennett (next row) died 2/3/1909 32 years.
Staff Sergeant C. Bennett.
Louis Beater, CWGC List, 1915.
C.S.M.H.A. Barnes died 26th July 1906 aged 34.
Private William Brenner. 1898.
Captain Baker. 1893
Private John Barry. 1857
Jessie Baldwin (Joseph)
Walter Brightwell died Aug 1883 also
Dora Jessie Brightwell died 2nd. Sep 188-, Children of Sergt. Joseph and Mary Ann Brightwell
Josephine Boland also her father (below),
Patrick Boland.
Sergt. L Baker, KRR Corps.
Mary E Beeton, wife of Sergeant J W Beeton, Suffolk Regt, September 3rd 1880.
Bennerman, Army Staff Sergeant, March 1909, aged 32.


Emily Diana Ellen Crooke. 1877.
Maud Crowley.
Staff Sergeant William Coleman. Husband of Elizabeth, at Cork Barracks 1908.
Michael Elizabeth Condron. 1894.
Major.T. Cleary. 1895.
Lt. Colonel William John Chads.
Joseph Callaghan. CWGC List, 1916.
Philip Connors. CWGC List, 1915.
Michael Crosbie. CWGC List, 1916.
C. Casey. CWGC List, 1916.
Pte Albert. CWGC List, 1914.
Lt. Graham Charles Campbell, 1888.
John Carroll, Co Segt. Major RA died 10/2/1892 aged 32 years.
Mary Joseph Cloke. 1891.
William Henry Clapp died 18/3/1868 aged 83.
Ethel Comerford.
Major John N Cosset.1_03.?.
James Corley. CWGC List, 1914.
James Curran. CWGC List, 1914.
Joseph Caffery. CWGC List, 1914.
John James Connolly. In memory of our Dear Baby. 1910.
Colonel Sergt. Patrick Collins. 1901.
D.R.N. Major James Coughlan.
Albert G. Camm. CWGC List, 1921.
William Coates 2nd batt 17re died 27/6/1863 aged 22.
Anne Coughlan, wife of John Coughlan
James Crossan, South Lincoln Militia 1855 yo 1856.
Alfred H. Cooper. CWGC List, 1918.
Thomas E.Coster. CWGC List, 1919.
Robert Copley. Son of Robert Copley April 1860.
Daniel Conolly and Cathrine Conolly.
Florence Mary Coughlan, died April 18___. Aged 70 years.


Pte William  Doyle. No 15201. CWGC List, 1918.
Annie Beatrice Donne
Edmund J. Drudy. CWGC List, 1917
Henry Doherty Superintendent in charge died Oct 20th 1885 aged 34 years.
William Doyle. CWGC List, 1914.
William Doyle. CWGC list, 1918.
Leonard H. Dodson. CWGC List, 1914.
Caroline Dalley, wife of Segt. Richard Dalley.
Patrick Dowling late pay master sergeant 21st. Regt, died 2/9/185— aged 47years.


Car. E. Enright


Henry S. Fox. CWGC List, 1920.
Captain William Felwick. 1897.
James Forsyth. CWGC LIST, 1915.
James Fulton. CWGC List, 1915.
N. Me.Fadyen, 1916
Matthew Fogarty. CWGC List, 1918.
Thomas Lionel Foley QM Segt. died 27th July 1897 aged 43 and his wife
Sarah Ann Foley who died 19th Sep 1920.
John Foley. 1871.
Albert E Fisher. CWGC List, 1914.
Miss Lillie Fowles, 11 Frankfield View, Old Youghal Road, 1960 Approx, 80 Years.


Emily Graves. Beloved Child of RJ Graves (next row)
Lt. Robert Graves. CWGC List, 1917.
Lt. Col. James William Graves
John Grogan. CWGC List, 1917.
Cristopher Grogan. CWGC List
Peter Greally. CWGC List, 1917.
John Gibson D Com 2nd Highlanders died 12 March 1888 aged 20.
Fred Vivian Gibson 1801.
Henry Garrett. CWGC List, 1914.
Kate Geddes, July 13 1888 aged 13 also
Margarate Elizabeth Geddes, died Dec 2nd 1889 aged 17.
Eliza Grant. Died at Cork, 20/1/1901 aged 46 Wife of QM Sergt Grant (next row)
Charles Innes Grant. Late QMSRA died 26/10/1916 aged 67.
S. J. Gold. 1911.
Richard Good.
F. Gleaker. 1914.
William T Glover. (boy). CWGC List, 1915.
Malcolm Galbraith. CWGC List, 1918.
Major Charles Christopher Grieve. CWGC List, 1920
Jane Glapp, died 3/7/1861 aged 53years, husband next row.
Charles Kendal Greene. CWGC List.
Ann Gosset, Died 1868, Daughter of Major John Gosset DBM and Maria his wife.


Sgt D Hayes. CWGC List, 1919.
Sergeant David Hickmott. CWGC List, 1918.
Jane Anne Hemingway; Beloved wife of Srgt H Hemmingway bt Highland.
Lance Corporal Charles Henry
Daniel Haydon. CWGC List, 1915.
Worker M.K. Harricks. CWGC List, 1918.
Color Sergt John Hamilton 1st batt 60th KRR who died at Cork, Nov 1901.
QT Mast Sergeant J. Hanna KRR Corps died at Cork 27th Feb 1896.
Greg T. Hardisty. 1912.
L.D. Hodnett. CWGC List.
John Hood. 1888.
Robert Hogue. 1860.
John Herren


Henrieta Jenny
Edita Jenny
Walter J. Jackson. CWGC List, 1914.
Richard Jameson


Lena Annie Kimber
John Kelly. CWGC List, 1920
David C Kelfji. 1852.
Catherine Kelly. 1869.
Arthur Kennedy. CWGC List, 1915.
Cathleen Kerrigan died 23/4/1897 aged 3 years.


Leader, Pte Ernest George.  CWGC List, 1914.
Stephen Lawson
William Lawlor. CWGC List, 1914.
W (William) Lidington, Died 1894 (also his daughters below)
Ada Lidington, Dec 1893.
___ Lidington, April 1894.
W.E. Lancell. 1919.
James Lawlor,1st batt Norfolk Regt. Born at Banteer, August 1861 died Cork 3/1886
Henry Linnett, Royal South Lincoln Militia 1855 to 1856
Catherine Leonard, Wife of John Leonard ______, Military Prison.


Robert Mathews. CWGC List, 1915.
Ida Florence Magpariane.
Thomas Mullen. 1878 aged 4.
Queeine Mullen. 1887. aged 5.
Sgt John Murray 7985. CWGC List, 1915.
Srg William Murray 6481. CWGC List, 1915.
Thomas May. CWGC List, 1916.
Owen David Mooney. CWGC List, 1916.
John Mulligan. CWGC List, 1918.
D. Mayes.
Neil McFadyen. CWGC list, 1916.
Jeremiah Moran. CWGC List, 1918.
John McMullen.
John McGuire. CWGC List, 1914.
Michael Maloney, CWGC List. 1914.
George Morgan, 89 Regt died 26th Dec 1853.
Serg J. Moore. 1886.
Private Michael McCabe. 1877.
Justin McCarthy Segt Instructor of Gunnery South Irish died at Cork Nov 1886 aged 43.
J Moore, Died June 1885.
William McLoughin Sep 1850.
Elizabeth McLoughlin died ___.
John Miller Royal South Lincoln Militia 1855 to 1856.
Sergt J Mullen Royal Irish Fusiliers died 11 Dec 1896 aged 30.
Sgt W Murphy Died 12 Aug 1949 and wife
Bridget Murphy Died 13th Feb 1953.
Alexander McGregor By Bridget McGregor.


Leonard A.J Paddy Newton


Patrick O Donoghue, Died June 20th 1894 aged 56, was 38 years in HMS Cork  Artillery.
Surgeon Goodwing O Grady. 1880.
Jeremiah O’Connell. CWGC List, 1914.
John O Neill. 1877.
Eliza Anne O Neill. 1873.
Jeremiah O Shea. CWGC List, 1919.
John O’Keeffe.


Lieutenant John Pring. 1905
Cpr. Frederick Gunning Pownall; RA who died May, aged 46 years. 1889
William Purcell. CWGC List, 1915.
Henry W. Porter. CWGC List, 1914.
Reginald Peverell. CWGC List, 1914.
Mona Palent, Died 13/02/1905.
Irene Palent, Died 28/09/1905.
Percy Palant, Died  1905.
Bernard Pegum. 1896.
Margaret Peede. died 23 Nov 1907 aged 39 years, also her Husband
Edward Joseph Peede QM Sergt. APC died 14th April 1931 aged 70 years.
Helen Paterson.
Thomas H Pitts Surgion 2nd Batt 11th Foot died 24/5/1860 aged 23.
Charlotte Jane Pogue also her beloved Baby.


Alice Quigley wife of James( Below) died 11/2/1899 aged 72.
James Quigley. Late 39Rgt died 15/9/1895 aged 73.


Martin Richards. CWGC List,1916.
James Ryan. Aged 62 June 5th 1892
Captain J.M. Roberg. 1870.
J.J. Ruth. CWGC List, 1918.
Sergeant James Ryan. 1888.
William B.G. Roon. 1906.
William Redfer. 1860.
John Ryan. 1879.
George F Randall. CWGC List, 1916
Capt J H Robley late 43rd MNI Died at Cork May 28th 1870.


James Stewart Who died at Cork Jan 1888 also his grandson.
Charles Edward Stewart, the beloved son of Donald Stewart (1856)
Elizabeth Sullivan. 1894.
Son of Captain Chas Stockwell. 1871.
Lt. Leonard Sharpe. CWGC List, 1918.
James Shevlin. CWGC List, 1914.
Francis Stokes. CWGC List, 1914.
Charles, Son of Dean Swift. 1891 aged 9.
William and Mary Staley. 1893.
W.J Southgate. CWGC List, 1919.
Grace Spencer, wife of Sergt. —- Spencer.
Joseph Sloan. CWGC List, 1914.
Lance Corporal Edward C Stanley. 1910.
Catharine Smith died Feb 1860.


Edward Travers. 1879.
H. W. Taylor. 1869.
Pte William Tancell. CWGC List, 1919.
Andrew Thomson. CWGC List, 1917.
Sergt. G Turpin Royal Irish Fusiliers died 21 Nov 1896 aged 28.
——— Trollope.?


Margarita Eileen Woodward. Age 3, little daughter. 1913.
Sergeant A. Wilson. CWGC List, 1918.
Sergeant John Wain. 3 Batt Leistershire Regt who died 24/12 /1904 aged 31.
Frederick Watson.
John Wall. CWGC List, 1915.
J. Ward. CWGC List, 1920.
A. Walker. 1897.
Emily Whalley
Pte George Walton. CWGC List, 1918.
Gunner Frederick Watlin (Watkins). CWGC List, 1916.
Lce Cpl Bryant Webber. CWGC List, 1914.
Maud Wright.  CWGC List, 1919.
Henry Wild. CWGC List, 1920.
George Patrigan.Wedgewood, son of George and Eliza Wedgewood,aged 4 1869.
Henry Wedgwood died Jan 22 188__ aged 68.
James Wellseard.
Thomas Williams. CWGC List, 1915.
William E. Williams. CWGC List, 1915.
Frederick Wells. CWGC List, 1914.
Harry C. Wilson. CWGC List, 1916.
John Walker Royal South Lincoln Militia 1855 to 1856.
Charles Whitworth, Major 112th Regt accidentally drowned.
John Wells, Royal South Lincoln Militia, 1855 to 1856.
Catherine Way, Widow of W Way, 28th Regt 1902.


24 Responses to Cork Military Cemetery, Military Barracks, Cork City

  1. Sean Healy says:

    Congratulations Margaret and a Happy New Year to you. Thank you for posting the information on your Blog I will organize the photos of the headstones and get them to you as soon as I can.
    Kind Regards.

    • ballincollig says:

      Thanks Sean. Happy New Year to you also. I am glad you approve of my posting your work on my blog. It was good of you to let me do this. I would be delighted to post the photos too. These inscriptions are very helpful to people who are searching for burial places of their military ancestors.

      Best regards,

    • Antony Rose says:

      Hi Sean

      My name is Antony Rose and I am the Regional Supervisor (Ireland) for the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. The Commission is at present in talks with Cork City Council (Liam Casey) concerning erecting a Screen Wall to the 83 Commonwealth war casualties whose graves at present remain unmarked. As the former military cemetery has been restored to good order, it is now considered that it is a befitting place to honour the war dead. The Commission has decided not to re-erect the headstones as the grounds have been ladscaped but a solitary memorial inscribed with the names of all the war casualties will be erected.

      Liam mentioned that you are working with the City Council in a project to create an ‘Historical Notice Board’ and the Commission is very interested in this. We would be only too pleased to provide some information on the war graves to be included.

      You can contact me on: –
      Mobile – 0044 (0)7734 445008


      Antony Rose

      • ballincollig says:

        Hi Anthony,

        The Ballincollig Heritage blog is my blog. Do you want me to forward your message to Sean Healy who contributed the headstone transcriptions for the Cork Military Cemetery?

        Margaret Jordan

  2. Tony Peak says:

    Hi Sean, Sidney Alder CWGC is my great uncle, he was in the Oxford & Buck Light Infantry and died in France in 1914. Can you explain why he is buried in Ireland? My elderly uncles and aunts can’t say. Regards Tony Peak Melbourne Australia.

    • ballincollig says:

      Hi Tony,

      I don’t know if Sean Healy reads the blog so he may not reply to you. I don’t know why your great uncle was buried in Ireland. Perhaps you could ask the Commonwealth War Graves Commission:

      If you get the answer, please let us know.

      Margaret Jordan

    • Don says:

      Hi Tony, I have just come across this while researching some of the WW1 burials and you will probably have got this by now anyway. The only thing I can add is that the Central Military Hospital Cork was in situated in Victoria Barracks (as it was then called) during the war.
      Sidney Alders Medal Index Card shows him landing in France with the 2nd Bnt Oxs and Bucks Light Inft on 1 September 1914, they were part of the 5th Brigade in the 2nd Division.
      In the publication “Soldiers Died in the Great War” your great uncle is shown as having “Died of Wounds” at “Home”.

      I can only surmise that he was wounded in one of the number of the battles that the 2nd Division was involved in in the Autumn of 1914, wounded and transferred to hospital in Cork where he unfortunately passed away.

      I hope this helps a little.

      Best wishes


  3. Jenny says:

    Hi from AUS
    am interested in this entry
    “Alexander McGregor By Bridget McGregor”
    Bridget Quinn McGregor is my GG Aunt
    Alexander her husband was a member of the 99th Regiment of foot
    There is an anecdotal story that Alexander drowned in 1862-3 and was buried in Cork just before he was being posted back to Australia
    Bridget McGregor returned to Western Australia in Oct 1863 and remarried
    Would like to know if there would be any local records documenting this event and his burial in Military Barracks.Any suggestions where to look please?

    • ballincollig says:

      Hi Jenny,

      The list above is a list of headstone transcriptions done by Sean Healy. I will get in touch with him and see if he has any further information.

      Margaret Jordan

  4. Jenny says:

    Thank you so Much.Any help appreciated as I am coming to IRL next year and hope to visit my family history places.

  5. susieslittleinspirations says:

    Hi a member off our family is buried in one of the graveyards in your area, his name is Andrew Gillespie, he was in the army and the graveyard he is in was recently restored under a woman named Donaldson? Do you have any further information please?

    • ballincollig says:

      Andrew Gillespie has a Commonwealth War headstone in the Ballincollig Military Cemetery. See that page on this blog:
      There you can see an image of the headstone and the inscription further down the page (no. 29). The inscription states:
      47649. Driver/A. Gillespie/Royal Field Artillery/26/8/1915

      My notes:
      with notes [son of William Gillespie, Belfast 26 years, 4th. Battery, Indian Brigade R. F. A. No. 460.] CWGC Headstone.

      Note, you can open a large copy of the image by right clicking the image and specifying “open in a new window”.

      Andrew Gillespie is also listed on the Commonwealth War Graves website;,%20ANDREW

      Anne Donaldson, author of book entitled “British Military Graveyard, Ballincollig, Co. Cork, Ireland” has also uploaded extensive burial records for this cemetery to:

      I hope this helps.

      Margaret Jordan

      • susieslittleinspirations says:

        Thank you so much, I have been trying to trace our family tree,it was through my mums cousin Carl Shaw who told me about where he was buried. Would love to get down someday but I dont drive and live in Northern Ireland…..but hopefully sometime.

  6. FMurphy says:

    Thanks to your website i have finally found where my great grandfather Sergeant John Wain. 3 Batt Leistershire Regt who died 24/12 /1904 aged 31 was buried. I visited the graveyard 20 years ago and could not locate him. So it was lovely to find out he is there. I live on the other side of the world (New Zealand) so at times it is hard to track down the relatives. My next mission is to find out more about him, which is proving to be a bit elusive.

    • Seán Dunne says:

      Hi FMurphy
      I found a Burial reference to your Great Grandmother Mary Wain in St Patrick’s Church Cork. The Death Records indicate where she was buried and she was buried( presumably in her husband’s John grave) in the British Military Cemetery on Assumption Road Cork. You might know that she and her family are listed in the 1911 Irish Census which are available free online. Mary died/buried in 17th June1934.I am sending you photos of the record in St Patrick’s Church…they may have more records, marriage, baptisms of your ancestors…see the St Patricks website.
      I also found a Burial Record for Joseph James Muskett who was buried in the Military Cemetery.He died 30th Sept 1945. He was in fact the caretaker for the Military Cemetery and he and his wife and family lived in the Lodge located just inside the gates of the cemetery( the Lodge is now demolished). I was told by a distant cousin that he was a ‘captain’ in the British Army. There is a reference to a Joseph James Muskett in a Medal Page …I don’t know if this is ‘my guy’..however the correspondence address on that record lists it as being ‘Sea Glimpse’ Passage Road, Rochestown Co Cork…so that might be him ? He married my ‘cousin’ Mary Scott Corbett in 1938( his 2nd wife, her 2nd hubby). Previous to that Joseph was married to Margaret Soanes and her father George was the caretaker of the Military Cemetery before Joe took over! Joe died in 1945. Mary died in 1969 but she must have had to move out of the Lodge as her address at her death is different. I found a further record for another Soanes…an Arthur William Soanes…and his wife Florence..listed in the 1911 Irish census…he is listed( unusually?)… as a ‘soldier driver in the RFA( I’m guessing the Royal Field Artillery…who were based in the Ballincolligs Military Barracks!)…I’m assuming that Arthur was George’s son( the age profile would be right…George is also listed in the 1911 Irish Census).
      Any Muskett out there or Soanes? please make contact! I was told that a son Joe was a ‘conductor’ in the BBC’ and another son Georgie was in the Royal Navy…any info would be welcome!
      God bless
      Seán Dunne

    • keith says:

      Hello , Mary wain is also my great grandmother

  7. Seán Dunne says:

    Sean Dunne here…I meant to leave my email address:

  8. Liesbeth Williams says:

    Hello, I think that Catherine Way, the last person mentioned in the list of burials, may be my husband’s great grandmother. She was married to William Way. One of their sons, also William Way, ended up in South Africa as a paymaster in the Army, marrying and having many children there, mostly registered in the Irish Records. I wonder if I can find out anything about the older William Way, having died before his wife, and mentioned as being in the 28th regiment. What does this mean, regiment of where? I think that Catherine’s maiden name was Moynihan. Would she have remained living in barracks after her husband died? I can find no records for William Way. Any help would be appreciated.

    • Sean Healy says:

      Hello Liesbeth, At the present time I am reviewing all the headstones and details that I have with regard to the burials at Assumption Hill and with the help of Margaret the list will be updated and photos added shortly. Any extra information that you may have on the Way family would be very helpful and very much appreciated. Some of the information on the list was transcribed from a Survey that was carried out around the 1980s and a short time ago while reviewing the list I updated my own file with regard to William and Catherine Way, but this has not yet been passed on to Margaret.
      The information that I have on Catherine is that her death was registered between Jan to March 1892 aged 59. I also have a William Way whose death is registered in 1869 aged 50, is this in keeping with your own information. Did William and Catherine have twin boys born in September 1867, two years before Williams death. In checking the 1901 Census you will see two entry’s for Way with Initials I and R Way at Barracks in Kinsale, the age for Richard (32) would fit in with one of the twins, is this making any connection with you.
      I hope this might be of some new information for you, if you contact me direct at I will try and piece together the information a bit better.
      Kind Regards,

  9. Mark Gillespie says:

    My great, great uncle William Bradley of Derry is one of the soldiers named on the memorial. A shame he is buried so far from home.

  10. Donal looney says:

    There is one that i know of missing from m and another from p Hesse Maude died aged 2…….And James proctor.The little girl was buried at the top of the middle path on the right. The man up the middle behind the gravestone that had the angel on it.It was a vault grave.Great job on the list.She caught my eye and i always sat by him while sneaking a fag.course never thought of the smell.And my mother always caught me.Happy Christmas…

  11. Flexaul B says:

    My first cousin twice removed Christopher Grogan. I only recently discovered he died and was buried here. A Laois man loving in Dublin buried in Cork. Such is life and it’s many turns.

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