Maps of Sites

Below is a map showing some of the various sites of heritage interest in Ballincollig including Ballincollig Castle, Regional park which includes the Gunpowder Mills artifacts and the ringfort.

The Main St. and the Killumney Road (both east-west roads) are indicated on the map and these are the two main thoroughfares through the town.


The Regional Park extends along the northern end of the town, bounded by the River lee on the north and it can be accessed from the western end of the town near the Inniscarra Bridge and also from the eastern end via the road to the GAA Club (near Healy’s Pub on the Main Street).

The Castle is on private land south of the Killumney Road.

1866 Map of Barracks (edited in 1883)

Page put together by Margaret Jordan


3 Responses to Maps of Sites

  1. Bryan MacMahon says:

    I have done some research on Sandes Soldiers Homes, a movement which started in Cork which spread around Ireland and India from 1870 on.
    There was a Sandes Home in the military complex in Ballincollig in the last decades of the 19th century. I wonder if there is any local information on it or any photos?

    • ballincollig says:


      There is a photo of the soldiers’ Home, which was in Ballincollig, in Dermot O’Donovan’s book “Ballincollig, A Local History, Reflections from the Pike Corner”. Dermot also refers to Elise Sandes who was living in Ballincollig when the 1901 Census was taken in his other book “A Vanishing Village, Recollections of Ballincollig in Times Past”. There is a paragraph on the Soldiers’ Home and an image on page 39, of a “Canvassing Poster for subscriptions to support the Soldiers’ Home”. The Soldiers’ Home was burned down in the 1920s and is no longer extant but it was apparently located south of the Military Cemetery with its gardens sloping northwards towards the cemetery.

      I would be interested in some further information on the Sandes. It sounds like a very interesting study.

      Best wishes,
      Margaret Jordan

  2. ballincollig says:

    There is now an image of the Sandes Soldiers’ Home, Ballincollig on

    Margaret Jordan

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