Churches and Graveyards

The following is a short summary of old church sites in Ballincollig.

“The Parish of Kilnaglory was composed of fourteen townlands including Ballincollig, Ballynora, Greenfield, Lisheens, Ballyburden, Ballyguilley etc.” (ref. Ballincollig A Local History by Dermot O’Donovan).
There is a ruined church at Kilnaglory and a graveyard which is still in use.
Use the following link for the Ballincollig Military Cemetery records:
Ballincollig Military Cemetery


Kilnaglory Church and Graveyard

There was a Catholic chapel at Clash Cross. The site was in a field on the south side of the Killumney Road, a short distance from Clash Cross. This chapel lasted until 1808. There is no evidence of this church anymore. In 1808, a church was then built in the village of Ballincollig. This church later became the National School for a time.

The Catholic church of St Mary and St. John was completed and opened in 1866.


The adjoining graveyard was opened in 1956.

There was a Church of Ireland Chapel at the Ballincollig Military Barracks and a Military Cemetery (see Barracks page for photo) was opened in 1813 and continued to operate until 1922 when the Irish army took over the barracks.


Athnowen Church, Ovens

Athnowen Church and graveyard, Ovens

Athnowen Church

Athnowen Church


Other graveyards/cemeteries near Ballincollig are: Athnowen at Ovens, Carrigrohane Beg, St. Peter’s at Carrigrohane, St. Senan’s, Inniscarra.






Athnowen Church is now derelict as you can see in the photo on the right.




St. Peter's Church, Carrigrohane

St. Peter’s Church, Carrigrohane


St. Peter's Church and graveyard

St. Peter’s graveyard












Inniscarra Graveyard

Inniscarra Graveyard


Inniscarra Graveyard

Inniscarra Graveyard












Margaret Jordan

updated July 2014


7 Responses to Churches and Graveyards

  1. mrs a Harris says:

    I am trying to trace a birth and christening certicicate for my mum 100 years old this september as far as I know she was born in ballingcolic to irish parents and I feel she would have beeen christened in 1912 in ballingcolic catholic church I know she went to school st marys sounds like st mary isle, not to sure of 2nd word I really want to know if there is anyway I can trace my mums christening papers please.I am the only surviver in my family now. pleas please help if you can.
    mothers name then Hanorah mccarthy parents Annie and Patrick mccarthy.

    • ballincollig says:


      You could contact the Ballincollig Catholic Parish:
      They should be able to provide you with a baptismal certificate.

      St. Maries of the Isle is a Primary school in Cork City:
      Perhaps your mother went there? They would have records.

      Margaret Jordan

    • jackie culbert says:

      hello my name is jackie and i have been trying to trace my grandmother for many years, we are presently in ireland county cork and plan on a visit to ballingcolic tomorrow, my grandmothers name was florence marjory or margaret harris and she came to canada around the age of 10-11 yrs, her records said she was an orphan, but i think that she may
      have been given away for whatever reason to send her to canada., i find it interesting that your mothers name was also harris, this is not a common name around here. did you have any luck in obtaining any information on your mother, i would appreciate it if you would let me know, my e-mail address is, we live in canada and will be leaving cork on monday morning. thanks kindly jackie culbert

  2. susieslittleinspirations says:

    HI, I find this all fascinating… I only found out recently that my grandfathers uncle Andrew Gillespie was buried in the graveyard which Anne Donaldson decided to clean up.He was in the war and not many people acually knew what had happened to him.If you have any further information please let me know.xox

  3. William O'Neill says:

    I’m trying to locate the cemetery my great grandparents are interred. The family name is Amberson, My grandmother Johanna nee Kelly Amberson was Catholic. My grandfather Robert was Protestant. My grandmother died in 1927 and my grandfather in 1934. My grandmother Mary nee Amberson O’Neill had visited the area in the 1960s, She was upset that her mother and father were not buried together in the same cemetery. I would love to find out their final resting place for my family, especially my Pop who is 94 and would like to know more family history of Cork.

    • ballincollig says:

      The graveyard at St Peter’s Church, Carrigrohane is a strong possibility for burial of your Protestant relative. The modern local Ballincollig graveyard next to the Catholic Church only opened in the 1950s, so that is out for either burial. Athenown, Inniscarra are other possibilities. Do your relatives have headstones?

      Margaret Jordan

  4. Tracy says:

    Hi.I am trying to get records of graves for Athnowen graveyard.I have a lot of relatives buried there that have headstones erected.However two relatives are in unmarked graves and I am trying to locate the exact location of the graves so they can be marked.Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Regards Tracy

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