Ballincollig Regional Park Orienteering Course and Trails

There is now a permanent Orienteering Course in the Ballincollig Regional Park.

I quote the Cork Orienteering Club website:

“The course arose out of a joint initiative between the Recreation and Amenities section of Cork County Council and Cork Orienteering Club and is sponsored by Margaret Long of  Cafe Chico.”

You will see limestone boulders and red and white markers in the Ballincollig Regional Park. These are part of the orienteering course and trails and are used to identify routes.


Details of the orienteering course at Ballincollig Regional Park, can be found on the
Cork Orienteering Club website. You can download the orienteering map from the site as well.

I read in  SECAD’s Community Newsletter (Dec. 2011) that local groups are working towards opening up the area which comprises the Ballincollig Regional Park and Gunpowder Mills area.

I quote the newsletter:

To this end, community groups (for example Ballincollig Heritage Association, and Ballincollig Tidy Towns) are engaging with local business groups, the SECAD Trails Initiative, and heritage authorities to develop a trail that successfully opens and promotes the park area and, whilst respecting its heritage and unique character.

Jenny Webb of the Ballincollig Heritage Association, stated recently in a comment on this blog that:

“The Ballincollig Trails Group are planning three internal walks within the park, all marked out on boulders which will be colour coded. A trailhead map sign will indicate all the trails and a leaflet will be available with all the main gunpowder buildings on it. An app is also being developed. The trails have been passed by the National Trails Office and funding is being sought from SECAD, the local Leader provider.”

Overall, it sounds like there is a lot of effort going into providing us with walking and running trails in the Ballincollig Regional Park. Some bad news though came from Ballincollig Heritage Association, which reported on Jan. 13th 2013, that “many of the gunpowder buildings in the eastern sector have been closed off by fencing which gives the area an unsightly look. The word on the ground is that it is due to health and safety”.

Let’s hope the Cork County Council can find a more aesthetically pleasing way of dealing with potential safety issues with regard to these interesting ruined buildings.

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