Efforts are Ongoing to Try to Keep Gunpowder Mills Artefacts in Ballincollig

Efforts are ongoing to try to keep the display items and artefacts which were in the former Gunpowder Mills Visitors’ Centre, in Ballincollig. The working group invited Billy Mulqueen, Tourism Marketing Officer of South and East Cork Tourism and who is also involved in the exciting new tourism venture Ring of Cork, to talk to the group.

Plaque to George Kelleher

The group of locals spearheaded by the Muskerry Local History Society, with the support of other interested people are drawing on the memory of George Kelleher (1946-1987), who made enormous efforts to promote and conserve the historic Ballincollig Gunpowder Mills in the past, to help them in this determined effort. The plaque (above) which was designed and installed by the Muskerry Local History Society, was unveiled in the Ballincollig Regional Park in 2010, to highlight the huge contribution made by George Kelleher. On the plaque it states:

His wisdom, foresight and determination
helped ensure this
historic amenity is
preserved for future generations

It seems we have to follow in this determination once again to ensure the memory of Ballincollig’s past is preserved for future generations. We welcome any ideas or support in this endeavour. My email address is Margaret Jordan.

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