No Future for Ballincollig Powder Mills Visitors’ Centre

I have just learned that the artefacts from the former Ballincollig Visitors’ Centre have been moved to Spike Island. This is devasting news to those who were hoping that Ballincollig would at some time in the not too distant future, get to present its own heritage in heritage centre in Ballincollig. This is not to be!

Here are some photos taken on a visit to the former Ballincollig Gunpowder Mills Visitors’ Centre. This visit was kindly facilitated by Catryn Power. Photos were taken by my husband, Randy Jordan on a special visit to the centre in the summer of 2006.

Visitors Centre as an office!


Visitors Centre 2

Hallway at Visitors' Centre

Me walking down the hallway, reflecting on the past

General view of Visitors' Centre

Lovely Coffee longer serving the public

3D Model of the Gunpowder Mill

3D Layout of the Gunpowder Mills area

Gunpowder Testing Mortar

John Kelleher (brother of the late George Kelleher) talking with me.

Left to Right: Margaret Jordan, Jenny Webb (BHA) and John Kelleher (BHA)

Randy Jordan (my husband) looking at the multi-media presentation equipment

John Kelleher and I watching Randy in the multi-media centre and being reflected in the glass

Getting the video to work

Gunpowder Label

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One Response to No Future for Ballincollig Powder Mills Visitors’ Centre

  1. Pat Flynn says:

    I am not surprised that this has happened to the artifacts from the visitor center. Having contacted the local Fine Gale rep in late 2010 to secure assistance with relocation of the artifacts to the more central location in the village – I was promised lots in early discussions, but in fact he never got back to me.

    I had sought to create some employment locally and bring more visitors to the town but the Council and the political elites showed no interest. Looking on the bright side the artifacts will be safe in their new location – but unfortunately out of view to the people of Ballincollig.

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