Burial Records for Ballincollig Military Cemetery online

Anne Donaldson

Anne Donaldson has been involved with the development of Ballincollig for many years. Through her life long interest in local history and heritage she has been associated with many projects. Her research for the Cork City Gaol project led her to study for an M. Phil. though the University of wales.

Some years ago, Anne was alerted to the possible loss of records from The British Military Burying Ground at Ballincollig. With the support of the local community and The Heritage Council of Ireland, she researched and in 2003, produced the book: British Military Graveyard, 1810-1922: Ballincollig, Co. Cork, Ireland. Anne later co-authored a book on the Ballincollig Royal Gunpowder Mills which co-existed with the military presence in the town.

In March 2011, Anne has added to her previous success by uploading the burial records for the Ballincollig Military Cemetery, to the internet. This is a wonderful aid to anyone researching burials connected with the British Military, in Ballincollig.

Below is a link to the spreadsheet containing these burial records which Anne Donaldson collected during her extensive research for the book on the military cemetery:

British Military Burial records

Anne is also evaluating the possibility of compiling a comprehensive list of all the men who served in Ballincollig and perhaps erecting an official wall plaque in Ballincollig. As the records are in the UK mainly and they are probably in the thousands, it will depend on generous people donating information from their own records.

If you wish to support this project, and you have some information, please email: Margaret Jordan who runs this blog: m.jordan246@gmail.com and she will see that your information gets to Anne as well.

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6 Responses to Burial Records for Ballincollig Military Cemetery online

  1. kate power says:

    well done for putting this information online. Congratulations Anne, on producing such a major piece of work.

    • anne donaldson says:

      Thanks Kate
      It haunts me forever. Even today i had a query. never expected such interest and respect. I am trying to put together the names of all soldiers who served in ballincollig from 1800- 1920. If you ever know of any such names perhaps you would email me.

      • Daniel Barr says:

        Anne, My great great grandfather Edward McDonnell was born in1834 in Clones Co.Monaghan in June 1834. He joined the Royal Artillery in 1852 in Lisburn. He was eventually posted to Ballincollig In May 1859. While stationed there he met and married Margaret Ambrose [The daughter of the gatekeeper of the Gunpowder Mills Stephen Ambrose] in November 1859. he was posted out of Ballincollig but returned and on 13th January 1868 my great grandmother Elizabeth was born .. He finally left Ballincollig in October 1869 and was posted to India. Hope you will record his name

      • Thanks very much for the update. I have your great great grandfather safely in the list (from your previous comment on the blog) to give to Anne so Edward McDonnell will be recorded as having been in Ballincollig. If you have any further details of Edward McDonnell’s career or family, I would love to see them as I am interested in the lives of the men who were stationed here.

        Margaret Jordan

  2. Lee Oates says:

    For your records, my gt gt grandfather Joseph Ringwood PAIN was born 7 May 1845 in Ipswich, Suffolk. On 28 June 1865 he married Hannah Maria FISK at St Peter’s Church, Pimlico, Middlesex and was listed as a gun maker. By the 1871 census he was posted to Canterbury Barracks, Kent with his family and was an Armourer Sergeant with the 19th Regiment of Hussars.
    When he wrote his Will on 18 May 1880 he (and his wife) were at the Station Hospital, Ballincollig Barracks – Corps of Armourers and attached to H.M. 19th Hussars.
    Joseph died 12 July 1881 at Dundalk Barracks, County Louth and is buried in St Nicholas (Church of Ireland), Dundalk.

  3. Lee Oates says:

    Regarding the previous email for Joseph Ringwood PAIN, my email address should be:


    I forgot to tick the follow-up comments via email box on the last one. Sorry.


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